Our globally award-winning blends are elegant, voluptuous, complex and balanced. We invite you to uncork them.

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VIK was created in Millahue in the Cachapoal Valley. This is a vineyard that embodies the perfect fusion between humans, experience, land, climate and high technology.


In 2004 Alex and Carrie VIK set out with the audacious goal of making one of the world’s best wines.

After a 2-year scientific search we found the best terroir in South America in Millahue (Cachapoal Valley) of Chile, a beautiful country dedicated to producing world-class wines.

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VIK vineyard was born amidst the foothills of the Andes mountains, within the Millahue Valley, named "Lugar de Oro" or "Golden Place" by the native Mapuche people: 4,300 hectares of astonishing Chilean wilderness where they planted over 327 hectares of vines.

VIK’s terroir offers a majestic and natural landscape composed of 12 valleys, each one with its own micro-climate, distinct exposures, all within a wind-tunnel cooled by Pacific coastal breezes and winds from high up in the Andes mountains that provide VIK with enormous complexity and exceptional variety.


Chief Winemaker Cristian Vallejo oversees VIK's viticulture and viniculture, ensuring grapes are harvested by hand and fermentation occurs naturally with no added yeasts.

Wines are aged in a combination of new and used French oak barrels.

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